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    18 april 2016
    Surprising findings from research on saiga antelope mass die-off
    In continued analyses of samples from the catastrophic mass die-off of saiga antelopes from May 2015, several laboratories in Kazakhstan under the lead of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems (RIPBS) have identified the bacterium Pasteurella multocida as the causative agent of haemorrhagic septicaemia, which led to the death of the animals.
    21 september 2015
    Seminar on combating illegal wildlife trade
    Regional Technical Seminar on the fight against illegal wildlife trade in Central Asia was held in Bishkek, September, 17-18.
    9 september 2015
    UNESCO assessment mission in Kazakhstan
    In late August, the "Western Tien Shan" object was assessed by a special mission for inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nomination includes a number of cross-border protected areas of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
    30 june 2015
    Investigation of saiga mass die-off: special expedition started from Astana last weekend
    On 27th June 2015, a 12-day expedition has been started in the framework of measures undertaken by the working group of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan for the investigation of reasons for the mass die-off of Saiga antelopes in May 2015. The expedition is organised and led by ACBK and supported by Okhotzooprom by the request of the Committee of Forestry and Wildlife of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.
    26 may 2015
    The death of Saiga antelopes in such huge numbers is a personal loss to all those who work studying and protecting this species
    On 22 May a group made of specialists from the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as ACBK went to the Akmola Province – one of the three regions where earlier mass death of the Saiga antelope was recorded.