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Books, textbooks, brochures

IBA caretakers guidebook

This guidebook has instructions for IBA caretakers. Relevancy of IBA monitoring and protection, basic knowledge about birdwatching equipments, the main methods of bird watching, definition and count are considered in the book.

Ed. Sklyarenko S.L  



Kazakhstan birds Quick Reference Guide S.L.Sklyarenko, V.V. Khrokov

This guide collects information about 147 of 503 bird species there are in Kazakhstan.

It includes the most common and easily recognizable species, grouped by major habitat typesandglobally threatened species. There are complete listsofKazakhstan endangered species, general information aboutthe important bird areas and a list of them, etc.

Flowering plants of south-east Kazakhstan

Ivashenko A.A.

This guide has been prepared by experienced botanist Ivashenko A.A. and has been illustrated by well-known photograph O.V. Belyalov.  The book consists of information about 330 flowering plants that is visible and prevailing in south-east Kazakhstan.


Important Bird Areas in Kazakhstan – priority sites for conservation

The book is the first inventory of Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Kazakhstan. The basic principles of the IBA Programme, its justification and the methodology used for IBA identification are described.

Edited by S.L. Sklyarenko, G.R.Welch, M.Brombacher

Research of Important Bird Areas in Kazakhstan and Middle Asia

The materials related to implementation of international program on Important Bird Areas in Kazakhstan and Middle Asia are presented in the book. The book is intended for ornithologists, to the workers of nature-protected organizations and the persons interested in wildlife conservation.     

Ed. Sklyarenko S.L

How to be good birdwatcher

The brochure is guidance for new birdwatchers.

Here there are useful advices for observation gear, clothing, conducting field recordings and the main rules of birdwatching.

Ed. Sklyarenko S.L, Kashkarov O.R.