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ACBK history

ACBK history

The Association for the Conservation of the Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) is a non-profit organization aimed at the study and conservation of endangered species of flora and fauna, of both global and ecological significance, as well as maintaining the integrity of the natural world.

In 2010, the ACBK was appointed BirdLife International’s Affiliate for Kazakhstan.



In cooperation with national and international partners, ACBK is implementing the following programs:

  • ·         Program on monitoring and conservation of Important Bird Areas in Kazakhstan as especially valuable habitats for birds and on their inclusion into the PAs network.
  • ·         Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative (ADCI) that focuses on conservation and rehabilitation of unique virgin steppe and semi-desert zones in Central Kazakhstan by establishing   interconnected Protected Areas network, development of the participatory wildlife monitoring system, conservation of key species, including threatened they and by reintroduction of historically presented species.
  • ·         Program on monitoring of Sociable Lapwing and other globally important species of birds for monitoring of their global populations and study of the migration routes.
  • ·         Program on conservation awareness and some education for people in the cities and villages to change their attitudes and behavior in relation to natural and cultural values of Kazakhstan.
  • ·         Program on environmental tourism (“steppe photo-safari” and birdwatching).