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ACBK Board


Panchenko Natalya,  born  in 1975. Magister of "State ecological policy and management", graduated in School of Ecological Policy and Management of Indiana State University (USA). Now she is working as an expert on environmental problems in projects of UNDP Kazakhstan and Asian Bank of Development. Deals with elaboration of projects for biodiversity conservation and for prevention of degradation of land resources, with mid-term and final evaluations of projects, with final publications of project documents.  She is keen of photography and mountain trecking. A member of ACBK Board since July 2013.


Aitkulov Aidar, PhD, born in 1971. A lecturer of physiology, is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Geography of the Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Faculty of Biology and Geography and a member of the academic board of the university administration and of the admission committee. He has 40 publications (articles, conference papers, teaching and methodological publications). In 2009, he has received the award "For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2009. A member of the ACBK Board since April 2012.

Vilkov Vladimir, PhD, born in 1954. Head of Chair "General Biology" in North-Kazakhstan State University (Petropavlovsk city).  The main scientific interests - the status and resources of birds and mammals, thier biology, conservation and monitoring. Author of more than 150 scientific papers, including the monography "Water ecosystems of North Kazakhstan" (as co-author). In 2012, he was awarded by Minister of Education and Science with honorary badge "For outstanding service in development of science in Kazakhstan". A member of ACBK Board since May 2014.

Berber Alexander, PhD,  born in 1961. He is a biologist and hunting manager. Currently he is the General Director of the Association of Hunting Societies of the Republik of Kazakhstan "Kansonar". He has published 108 scientific papers, including 4 books, and is one of the leading experts in Kazakhstanfor wild sheep and environmental legislation. Since 2003, he is member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Agriculture RK. He was awarded several prices and medals, and in 2011 was awarded by Presidential Order the "Kurmet". He is ACBK Board member since April 2012.

Borovaya Natalya, born in 1980. In 2003 was graduated in Faculty of Journalism of Kazakh State National University (Almaty). Editor-in-chief of the "Veter Stranstviy" ("Wind of Travels") magazine. A member of Menzbir Ornithological Society, author of numerous papers about nature. She likes travels, photography and sharing the joy of discovered. A member of ACBK Board since July 2013.

Duisebayeva Tatyana, PhD, born in 1964. Graduated in 1986 as "Biologist" in Biology faculty of Kazakh State University (Almaty). Leading herpetologist of Kazakhstan, author of more than 100 articles in scientific journals including more than 50 in English. Leading research scientist of Institute of Zoology of Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. A member of ACBK Board since December 2015. 

Khrokov Valery, PhD, born in 1946. He is an ornithologist, used to be a researcher in Korgalzhyn Natutre Reserve, than in Instituite of Zoology and now retired, but still working for consulting. Main activities: research in various fields of ornithology - fauna, biology, ecology, ethology, rare birds and their protection, and monitoring. Work experience in ornithology - 45 years. He has published more than 280 scientific works on ornithology, including the monograph "Birds of Kurgaldzhin reserve" (1985) and more than 150 scientific and popular publications, including 4 books. He is the ACBK Board member since April 2012.