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Birds of Kazakhstan- findings, discussion & publications –page for both professionalsand amateurs

Editor – Sergey Sklyarenko

Illustration– Fedor Karpov

Great winter watching of Long-tailed duck at Irtysh river (in ”Findings”) and Indistinct case of Black Lark death (in “News, Survey, interesting watching”)


Draw your attention to the fact that all issues of the“Russian Journal of Ornithology” since 1997 available at – it’s a big electronic library. Since Kazakhstan Ornithological Bulletin discontinuation, the number of publications from our country in “РОЖ”(ROZH) presently rapidly increased! To use the site named above you will need to register (for free!) and download .pdf format papers afterwards. You need to visit “Journal catalogue” (on the left) then choose the name of a journal at the search page (in appeared list). Otherwise look at number of articles (following list of all articles in published order). Please download and read it!


The new articles added to “Discussion, comments” page. The material related to the question of Great Snipein Kazakhstan (repeatedpublication of Khrokov and Samusev as well as its analysis byBelyalovO.V.) Quite interesting articles about the history of a relict seagull discovery by Kovshar А.F. and Potapov R.L. in addition with publications about avifauna of North Kazakhstan Province by Vilkov, V.S. andTarasov, V.V.


The second record of Oriental Plover since the history of ornithological observations in Kazakhstan described at “Findings and Rare Records” page


The publication of reviews of the Kazakhstan ornithological work has been started at “Discussion, comments” page. As a starting one there is a review by Berezovikov N.N.


Please note – Ornithological library has moved from the current page to the Home menu→Data→Library→Ornithology. Information about only zoological journal "Selevinia" in Kazakhstan with all issues content also been added up there. Instead of the library menu the “News, Survey, interesting watching” page to appear what gives information about current events in Kasakhstan’ ornithology, journeys, books etc.


The new species in Kasakhstan fauna - Indian Pond Heron! See “Findings and Rare Records”. There is also added information of Black-eared WheatearandLaughing Dove records in central Kazakhstan. The remarks of editor “How the ornithological page should look like?” placed at “Discussion” page. The page “Library” was started – there are 7 references including World birds list, complete texts of “Brief Guide of Kazakhstan birds”(Khrokov,Sklyarenko), “Studies in key ornithological territories of Kazakhstan and central Asia ”, “Birds of Taukuma desert” and others. Going ahead – the page is newlycreated and curently in progress of development.

Dear Colleagues, yourcomments, recommendations and wishes   to this page content would be greatly appreciated and especially welcomed for records material and discussion subjects.

Please send your email via the site with subject “ornithology” or “For Sklerenko” or e-mail directly to me.

Kind request - when supplying  material about finding and rare records give the explanation (with references) why that recording appears to be truly interesting and its significance to known data about Kazakhstan birds.

Sincerely yours,

S.S., 1 of September 2009