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Business and Biodiversity

ACBK works with business on the basis of a mutual interest in achieving environmental sustainability. 


Using our expertise, datasets, and local knowledge to promote sustainable development. 





ACBK works with businesses to support long-term conservation outcomes through:

Wildlife conservation and restoration    more >>>

The joint work for the restoration of wildlife, landscapes, etc.

> Support (co-financing) the current priority projects 

> Support the implementation of short-term promising projects

> One-off events and campaigns for the protection of nature

Support activities for restoration and sustainable use of animal world  more >>>

The development of a biological substantiation for the sustainable use of wildlife, including captive breeding, reintroduction, and other fields

Development of plans for management of hunting areas and specially protected natural territories

Expert evaluation    more >>>

> Assessment of impact to flora and fauna within Environmental Impact Assessment; development of compensatory measures

> Evaluation of ecosystem services gained from a particular territory

Examination of wildlife objects - specification of animals by the remains and the derivatives

> Сonsulting on the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, preparation of analytical reports, reviews, etc.

► Corporate events    

Corporate environmental events - ecotourism, sport ornithology, joint environmental actions