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Wildlife conservation and restoration

Joint work for restoration of wildlife and landscapes, etc.


Scientific support for recultivation of Kazi-Kurt limestone deposit in South Kazakhstan region


► Support (co-financing) the current priority projects 

Priority species and key activity area:

  • Saiga conservation and study
  • The study and conservation of migratory species of geese, the development and implementation of waterbirds monitoring system 
  • Slow leopard conservation and study 
  • Kulan reintroduction in Central Kazakhstan 

Examples of previous years:

  • Satellite collars purchase to study the migration of the saiga ("Caspian pipeline consortium"
  • Monitoring and conservation of rare species of geese in Northern Kazakhstan (LLP "Transcom)
  • Snow leopard studies support - providing with satellite communications (LLP "Transcom)
  • Snow leopard study in Jongar-Alatau («Carlsberg» LLP)

► Support the implementation of short-term promising projects

Some priority species and key activity area:

  • Vultures feeding. Vultures - a group of rare endangered species (Cinereous vulture, Griffon, Himalayan vulture, Lammergeier, Egyptian Vulture). Self-feeding stations provided with meat waste helps to maintain their number, and increase breeding success; installation of camera traps and cameras with online broadcasting will provide additional datas. 
  • Study the migration routes of Great bustard, and breeding grounds identification. It is a very rare species, breeding areas is almost unknown. It is needed to catch birds on the wintering grounds in the South of Kazakhstan, and tagging them with satellite transmitters. 
  • Study the range of selevinia - a rare species of rodents, endemic of Kazakhstan (the expedition in Betpakdala and other habitats of the animal)

Examples of previous years:

  • Biodiversity monitoring and study of the steppe wolf in the project area - Irgiz-Torgai-Zhylanshyk (Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Processing Enterprise JSC)
  • Development of the biological justification for the reintroduction of rare ungulates in Kazakhstan (LLP "Transsistema" LLP)
  • Development of the National Program for restoration of Przewalski's horse in Kazakhstan" (LLC "Transcom)

► One-off events and campaigns for the protection of nature


  • Support the conservation of the important bird areas (installation of information boards, biotechnology activities, etc.)
  • Activities with "Saiga friends" and ACBK clubs, including support of the contests, development and printing of educational materials, etc.
  • Saving injured or confiscated from contrabandists animals


  • Eight thousand turtles, confiscated in Aktobe region by the Kazakh-Russian border guards, were transported to South Kazakhstan, and turned out to wild (Fund "Assistance to the Almaty zoo")   
  • The Bird Day in the Ile-Alatau state national park with the making and hanging of 50 nesting boxes (“Transcom” LLP)


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