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Saiga calving 2016
Wild animals of southern Kazakhstan - snaps from ACBK camera traps, September 2014
The snaps were taken in September 2014 by ACBK camera traps installed in the South Kazakhstan Province (Aksu Jabagly Reserve and Sairam-Ugamskiy National Park). The expedition to research possible habitats of the Snow leopard in southern Kazakhstan is a part of the projects implemented by ACBK under the Agreement with the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and with the support of the US Federal Grant.
Life of the Saiga Antelope - snaps from ACBK camera traps, May 2014
The snaps were taken by ACBK camera traps in May 2014 during the monitoring trips to the sites of Saiga calving. The research expeditions were organized by ACBK jointly with the Biological Safety Research Scientific Institute and with the support of the Forestry and Hunting Committee of the Environmental Protection and Water Resource Ministry of Kazakhstan.